6 Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes from Home

Now there are many ways to repel mosquitoes, ranging from the traditional way, using a variety of chemicals, to use electronic goods fromĀ Mozzi Gear. Here are six ways to repel mosquitoes.

1. Close the openings in the doors and windows

mosquito size can enter a room through air cracks, including doors and windows. Often, we are not aware of this. Therefore, you should try to get rid of mosquitoes by closing the gap with an additional board or gauze.

2. Don’t pile dirty clothes for too long

Have you ever seen many mosquitoes on a coat hanger or dirty clothes? It is said that mosquitoes love the smell of the human body. Therefore, do not be surprised if mosquitos love your dirty clothes. Well, do not let dirty clothes accumulate for too long. Wash your clothes immediately after wearing them. 

3. Use an electronic mosquito repellent

You can use an electronic mosquito repellent tool, such as electric rackets. How to repel mosquitoes using this tool is that you turned it on and hit the mosquitos with the racket.

4. Clean the furniture that holds water once a week

water is a medium for mosquitoes to breed. If left unchecked, mosquitoes will breed in there. Clean everything that contains water once a week, such as a bathtub and a flower vase.

5. Use mosquito repellent

You can easily find mosquito repellent chemicals at the nearest store. There are several forms of insect repellent, namely electric, burn, and spray. Electric mosquito coils must be plugged into an outlet. You have to put the chemical in an electric place, then plug it into a wall outlet. Burn Mosquito coils are in the form of a spiral green circle.

6. Use traditional ingredients

The last way to repel mosquitoes is to use traditional ingredients. Natural ingredients that are believed to repel mosquitoes are lavender flowers, Lemongrass, garlic, geraniums, and orange peels. You can out Lemongrass that has been cut and orange peel in the corners of the room.