Tips for Choosing a Pet Dog

Dogs are pets and good friends for humans. His funny physical form and his obedient attitude make him a suitable pet to be used as a family supplement at home. Smart dogs can also be trained to help ease human work. Not only that, but raising dogs can also be encouragement and can reduce stress. But how do you find the right dog? Among the many dog ​​races, which one is suitable for you to keep?

  • Dog Size

There are various sizes of dogs in the world. There are dog breeds that have a very small size to a very large size dog. Determining the size of the dog you are about to maintain is related to the area of ​​movement of the dog If you have a small room for your dog’s movement, don’t choose big dogs like Golden or Husky who need a lot of space for their activities

  • Adjust the Function of the Dog with the Character

For what do you keep dogs? Just fun or indeed because you need a dog as a guard dog? But you can also buy a dog for breeding or take part in a show. Adjust the function of the dog that you will maintain with the character it has. For example, if you want a cute and active dog as your child’s playmate, you can choose a Pomeranian dog. The following is the function of the pet dog according to its character:

As a Playmate
Dogs that are good as playmates usually come from a group of Toy dogs, weighing under 10 Kg. Dog breeds that belong to this Toy type include Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Miniature Poodle, Miniature Pincher, and Pug. If you want a dog as a playmate, choose a dog with characters that are suitable for your place of residence such as being friendly to children and not barking.

As a Companion Dog or Family Dog
A family dog ​​is a type of dog that is friendly, loving, and calm. Generally medium to large in size. But often family dogs cannot be used as guard dogs because they are too friendly and friendly to strangers. Examples of family dogs are Golden retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Collie.

As Guard Dog
Guard dogs are generally dogs with fierce, barking faces. Guard type dogs have brave, alert, protective and well-trained characters. Guard dogs are usually used as housekeepers, storage rooms, or shops. Guard dogs are widely used in the police and military. Compton guard dogs include the Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman, Pitbull, and Boxer.

As a Breeding or Dog Show
Dogs that are used as breeders by breeders or used for show purposes are good dogs, judging from their posture that must be proportional. Aside from being seen from his posture, dogs for show purposes will also be seen from his health and character. Dog health is very important, starting from the health of the eyes, nose, ears, bones, and limbs. The character must also be good in accordance with the main

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Tips for Choosing a Good Persian Cat

Persian cats are cats that are mostly nurtured by people who like good cats who are smart or are still learning to keep cats. Of the many cat enthusiasts, surely from the beginning, they wanted to keep Persian cats, why? Because this cat is indeed the most widely known of the many types of cats that exist in the world. The quality of Persian cats is also various, there are good, ordinary Persian cats and some are bad.

With the quality of the Persian cat, of course, before adopting or buying a Persian cat, it would be better if you know in advance the characteristics of a good and certainly healthy cat so that you are not disappointed when you have it. Here are some tips for choosing a good Persian cat.

• Pay attention to the personality of Persian cats

In choosing a Persian cat, first pay attention to the personality of the Persian cat, Persian cats have a variety of personalities including lazy, spoiled, obedient, merciful and others. If for livestock, choose a parent who is already good at taking care of children, but because most usually choose kitten or kitten aged 3 months, you can train them early. Choose active and playful kitten, because you can be your friend at home and can be invited to play.

• Note the Fur Color of Persian Cats

If you buy a Persian cat as a bro, choosing the color of the feather is very important because it will affect the color of the feather. We recommend that you select a cat breed that has brightly colored fur so that the resulting puppies also attract the color of their fur.

• Pay attention to the Cat’s Eye Color

The cat’s eye is also an interesting one to look at, so when you are going to buy a Persian cat, look carefully at the color of the eyeball. The color of the eye will also be very influential on the results of the puppies later.

• Research Cat’s Body and Feathers

Examining the body parts and feathers of a Persian cat before buying is very important, so be careful before adopting it. First, examine the parts of the feathers, do not let the fungus appear. Fungi in cats can also be transmitted to humans, so researching the feathers should be careful not to buy cats that are exposed to fungi.

• Vaccination

Buying a cat should also ask for the vaccine book because cats that have been given a vaccine will be stronger and resistant to disease attacks. Vaccines in cats are also to maintain because this one pet is very susceptible to disease which can also make a cat die.… Read More