How to Make Meetings More Comfortable

Most employees would have a negative thought when they open their phone and get a meeting invitation. In their minds, the meeting must be boring and take a very long time.

Therefore, you can make meetings more comfortable and enjoyable by:

Adding Snack

Adding snacks to the meeting room will make the meeting feel more relaxed. Snacks always associate with relaxing moments, and that would help to brighten the atmosphere. You don’t need to bother ordering lunch or breakfast from a restaurant or buying some snacks from the minimarket. You can take some snacks available at your office pantry.

Bring Other Topics

Diverting the conversation for a minute or two could make the meeting feel less tense. For example, when you want to start a session, start with small talk before talking about the core of the conversation. Keep in mind, don’t change the subject to something that does not correlate at all. It will be fatal for you.

Provide Interesting Slides

Slides in presentations are essential when conducting meetings. Please make the presentation slide as attractive as possible. Maybe you can add an interesting picture, or use a meme. By creating an exciting slide, I guarantee you the meeting team will no longer be sleepy and bored in the meeting room. Get to know your limits so you can keep control of the meeting.

Well, those are some tips for you to start a different and fun meeting. You can start applying to your next meeting. Keep in mind that starting a meeting with a fun and cheerful way will make the session more exciting, focused, and also you will quickly get the attention of the participants without having to ask for it.

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