Animal Planet’s Mermaids Mockumentary

animal planetsThis fall Animal Planet launched a comprehensive new brand id centering the network’s programming around the childhood joy and surprise of animals by bringing folks shut up in every approach. The executive producer for each the Puppy Bowl and Canine Bowl, Simon Morris, mentioned this inaugural event is meant to showcase grownup canine from two to 15 years old—of various sizes and breeds—to point out viewers the variety of dogs in their native shelters out there for adoption.

Sassy, an 8-12 months-outdated rescue who got here to the shelter following a life-saving surgical procedure for an contaminated uterus, often called pyometra, will join more than 90 different dogs within the companion event to the long-running Pet Bowl.

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This post is about Sea Shepherd only inasmuch as they are the cast of Whale Wars Up till the 2012-2013 campaign, Animal Planet had its personal film crew aboard and Animal Planet was accountable for compiling and modifying the footage for the final product.