Exotic Pet Care

exotic petsAnimal campaign groups need to forestall folks from maintaining ‘exotic’ or ‘wild’ pets and we should be underneath no illusion that this includes tropical fish. The trial courtroom ordered the canine proprietor to pay restitution for the maintenance of the confiscated bears, however the Court of Appeals reversed holding the trial courtroom did not the authority to require the canine proprietor to pay restitution for the maintenance of the bears as a result of the forfeiture of animals penalty did not apply to conviction for failure to restrict or restrain a canine.

Different exotic animals like axolotls and tree frogs are usually not thought of CAS, but are designated as wildlife underneath the B.C. Wildlife Act Possession of those animals is restricted, that means they can’t be kept, offered, bred, trafficked or transported with no permit.

A tiger habitat developer sued the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (Division) below the Idaho Tort Claims Act (ITCA) for breach of odd care in refusing to grant exotic animal possession and propagation permits and for intentional interference with developer’s potential economic advantage.

Concern about the illegal wildlife commerce goes back to 1900 with the passage of the Lacey Act , the primary federal law defending wildlife by prohibiting the interstate or international commerce of any fish, animal, or plant taken in violation of US legislation.