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pet scanA positron emission tomography (PET) scan produces detailed, three-dimensional pictures that show how effectively sure components of your physique are working. Detect tumor cells for preliminary cancer staging (classification). For instance, a concentration of FDG in the body’s tissues may also help establish cancerous cells because cancer cells use glucose at a a lot faster rate than normal cells. These may be x-rays, CT scans or MRIs In the event that they were performed at DHMC, they’re accessible to us. In the event that they have been performed elsewhere and you have access to them, please convey them with you.

Nevertheless, nuclear drugs scans are extra delicate than different strategies for a wide range of indications, and the purposeful info gained from nuclear drugs exams is often unobtainable by other imaging strategies. A PET scan (positron emission tomography scan) screens the biochemical functioning of cells by detecting how they process certain compounds, similar to glucose (sugar).

Go to our website: for extra data on PET Scans, most cancers staging and prognosis. You’ll need to wait quietly for about an hour to give it time to be absorbed by the cells in your physique. Radiotracers are molecules linked to, or “labeled” with, a small quantity of radioactive material that can be detected on the PET scan.

The tracer will collect in areas of higher chemical activity, which is helpful as a result of certain tissues of the physique, and sure diseases, have a higher stage of chemical activity. Your doctor will take a look at the scan to see how the brain is working and to verify for any abnormalities.