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pet scanPositron emission tomography (PET) scans are used to produce detailed third-dimensional pictures of the inside of the body. Alone, PET scans and CT scans every have their explicit benefits and limitations relating to creating digital photos. You must also drink plenty of water to help flush the radioactive material out of your body as instructed by the nuclear medication personnel.

The scanner will transfer slowly over the body half being studied. Amongst its many functions, PET can measure blood stream, oxygen intake, how your physique uses glucose (sugar), and the velocity by which a cell replicates. A computer combines the images from the 2 scans to create a three-dimensional picture, which provides more information and permits for a extra exact analysis.

Physicians can see how the body’s cells are functioning and the precise location of a disease. Glucose is a significant source of energy in the physique, however certain disease processes make use of a much better stage of glucose than regular tissue. Typically, they’re used provided that your doctor has purpose to consider that the cancer could have spread beyond the breast.

The CT scan makes use of x-rays to make detailed footage of the physique’s inner construction. Measure vital features reminiscent of blood movement, oxygen use, and glucose (blood sugar) metabolism to help medical doctors identify organs and tissues that are not working properly.