PET CT Imaging Service

pet scanWe are Central Illinois’ chief in most cancers care and we believe that growing a comprehensive therapy plan to fulfill particular person needs is one of the simplest ways to battle disease and deal with the individual. The necessities for claiming Medicare advantages for PET scans are listed in the Diagnostic Imaging Providers Table See Category 5 of the Medicare Advantages Schedule (MBS) They state that the service have to be performed by an appropriately certified particular person, in a comprehensive facility that can provide a full vary of diagnostic imaging services and most cancers therapy services and be offered using gear that meets sure necessities, and solely following a referral from a recognised doctor or specialist advisor.

The PET scan uses nuclear medicine to detect abnormalities in cell metabolism and shows them as “spots” on the radiologists’ pc monitor, whereas the CT scan provides the precise anatomic location of these “spots.” By combining the 2 technologies into PET-CT, physicians can extra precisely diagnose and monitor illnesses corresponding to cancer, coronary heart disease and mind problems, while streamlining testing and lowering the need for invasive biopsies.

When nuclear drugs is used for treatment purposes, the dose of the radiopharmaceuticals is often greater, and is usually administered on to the organ being handled. This is called a PET-CT scan. PET scans are significantly helpful for investigating confirmed circumstances of cancer to determine how far the cancer has unfold and the way well it’s responding to remedy.

You will be positioned on a stretcher and the radioactive glucose might be administered by way of the IV line. You’ll be injected intravenously with a small quantity of FDG (a form of glucose with a radioactive tracer). Using each a PET and CT scan together increases accuracy in detecting abnormalities throughout the body, which may present your doctor a novel alternative in initiating a treatment plan earlier.