PET Scanning

pet scanX-ray, CT, MRI , PET – when you might want to get imaging completed, it may possibly start to sound like an alphabet soup. It’s also important to recognize that a PET scan could be falsely unfavourable if the tumour cells are not metabolically very energetic, as is the case with some cancers, or if the variety of most cancers cells is so small that their metabolic activity is below the extent of detection of the PET scan.

The “ST” in Discovery ST Elite stands for “See and Deal with,” which is what this new system permits physicians to do. Constructed from the bottom up with Six Sigma methodology, the Discovery ST Elite assists our physicians in seeing the disease and planning radiation remedy therapy.

The PET scan uses nuclear medicine to detect abnormalities in cell metabolism and shows them as “spots” on the radiologists’ laptop monitor, whereas the CT scan supplies the precise anatomic location of these “spots.” By combining the two technologies into PET-CT, physicians can extra precisely diagnose and monitor illnesses corresponding to cancer, coronary heart disease and mind disorders, whereas streamlining testing and decreasing the necessity for invasive biopsies.

Mind Problems: PET scans of the mind are performed to evaluate sufferers with reminiscence disorders equivalent to Alzheimer’s or dementia, suspected or proven mind tumors , or seizure problems that aren’t aware of medical therapy and make the patient a candidate for surgery.