Procedure, Preparation & Food regimen

pet scanA PET scan produces three-dimensional, color photographs that present how the tissues inside your body work. The CT component of a PET-CT scan also involves exposure to a small quantity of further radiation, but the risk of this inflicting any problems sooner or later is still very small. A radiologist or other physician who has specialized coaching in nuclear drugs will interpret the images and ship a report to your referring physician.

By analysing the areas where the radiotracer does and doesn’t build up, it’s attainable to work out how properly sure physique features are working and identify any abnormalities. Most typical medical tests, like CT and MRI scans, only show particulars about the structure of your physique.

PET can precisely image many organs at one time to diagnose cancer, and provide details about whether or not or not cancer has spread to other components of the body. For a lot of illnesses, nuclear drugs scans yield the most helpful info needed to make a diagnosis or to find out acceptable treatment, if any.

PET can assess the effectiveness of chemotherapy, assess if the tumors are malignant and determine the stage of cancer. After checking in on the Nuclear Drugs reception desk, you can be taken to a preparation area the place your blood glucose stage will be checked with a fingerstick.