Take a Look at The Latest Sporty Honda Motorbikes

Recently, Honda released three collections of their latest British Honda motorbikes with sporty themes. Here is the newest collection of British Honda motorcycles.

Honda SH125i

Living in a modern city requires us always to mobilize fast. It is in line with the slogan of the British Honda; Life Moves Swiftly. The new collection of Honda Motorcycles UK is indeed designed for high mobility. It has a sleek and fresh design but still looks sporty with 4ST HSTC fuel-efficient. This motorbike is also equipped with a USB port so the driver can charge while traveling. The design of the suspension geometry on the back increases the comfort for the rider and the passenger. This motor is equipped with large storage space, information LCD, and also LEDs with sharp lighting.

Honda CRF1100L

Honda understands the consumers who love challenges by launching Honda Motorcycle UK CRF1100L Africa Twins. With a very sporty design, it is suitable for off-road activities. Available in two color variations, red and blue. The d1100cc engine is more durable. Equipped with a touch screen display with Apple Carplay and a Bluetooth and LED connection that can adjust the lighting intensity for driving safety. There are automatic off-road settings when the driver wants to take off-road, and there is an emergency button as well. At the top of the motor, there are 58 liters of space box that can accommodate loads up to 6kg. At the rear right and left side of the motor, two space boxes are measuring 40liter and 60liter respectively and can hold a load of 6kg each, equipped with a radiator protector made from stainless steel.

CBR1000RR-R Fireblade

The Honda Motorcycle UK CBR10000RR-R engine is designed with MotoGP technology equipped with a second-generation Smart Electronic Control to keep the engine stable at high speeds. For vehicle flexibility, ABS has two control modes, namely Sport mode and track mode. Sport mode focuses on driving performance on normal roads with good brake strength and less pitching, while the track mode offers power and braking from the higher speed of the track circuit.

That’s the latest collection of British Honda Motorcycles for your reference in choosing a vehicle. Be sure to choose one that can give you comfort and security.