Tips for Choosing Door Handles for Your New Home

The door is the front part of a building. Since it is located at the very front, it is not surprising if the door is in the spotlight and becomes an important part relating to security and also the aesthetic touch that beautifies your home. One small thing on the door that steals attention is the door handle. The small item attached to the door. There are several types of door handles, namely classic, antique, seamless, minimalist models, and much more. Here are tips for choosing a door handle for your new home:

Don’t Forget Aesthetic Touches

Everyone must have a taste in choosing something related to his life choices. Likewise, in choosing a door handle. You can adjust it to taste and shape that you think is interesting. There are several choices for you, such as classic models that seem luxurious or minimalist models that are simple but still look elegant. Choose the color according to your taste, but it would be better if it adjusts to the color of the door and the color of your house wall paint.

Pay attention to the location of the door

Each room has a different door handle to suit your needs. If you live near the beach, choose a handle made of stainless steel for the outside door because the beach is prone to corrosion. As for the bathroom, choose a handle made of plastic so that it’s easy to open up if something happens. For the front door, try to select an attractive model and elegant because the front door handle will be the center of attention of your guests.

First Safety

Aesthetics are indeed necessary, but the security of your home remains the main thing. Safety is a critical factor in choosing a door handle. Security, in this case, is not only in terms of the key system but also the choice of durable materials. You can choose the door handle with the right thickness. For example, for the front door, choose the thickest one, so it isn’t very easy to break.

Consider parts warranty

Before choosing a door handle, make sure you check the parts warranty offered by the supplier. It is important because you can claim it anytime you need it. However, if you cannot claim the guarantee and unexpectedly experience damage and problems with the door handle, or you are accidentally locked, you don’t need to worry,  Locksmiths in Kedron is ready to help you.

Those are some tips on choosing a door handle for your home. After having a door handle, you can choose Locksmiths in Kedron that is ready at any time as your door friend. You can check it at